I wholeheartedly believe that every woman with a business and personal brand has as much chance and opportunity to craft a life she loves, create a brand that connects and to stand out in her industry if she only had the know how, direction and support. I’m on a mission to help with that.

How can I support you?



PR Coaching + Brand Development

I partner with you to equip you with everything you need to build a meaningful brand, increase your visibility and gain media exposure – which you will be able to continue to do after our session, so you can build a sustainable and profitable brand. I will provide 1-to-1 coaching, strategies and brand styling to visually bring your brand to life, and tell your brand story in an impactful way that connects with your audience.



Creative + Brand Consultancy 

Whether you have more ideas than you can count or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a start up (1 year +). You might be launching a new project or product to market or even want to organise a launch event.  I act as a sounding board to help you clarify your ideas - providing direction and support with strategies, as well as exploring opportunities to grow and expand your business, idea, product concept or project to the next level.



Life in Clover Events + Workshops

Are designed to help women entrepreneurs, creatives and personal brands create 'A Life in Clover'. Supporting you with the tools, resources and knowledge to help you craft a business and life that you love on your own terms. There isn’t one way to craft a life in clover, but I believe that mind, body, spirit, career and community with likeminded women can play a key role in creating fulfilment, growth and support in your life.