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Hello, It’s so lovely to have you here.

I'm Segun, your PR, Branding Strategist and Creative Director.

I am passionate about helping female founders, personal brands, entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself (In the beauty, wellness, lifestyle and creative industries) to build and grow a life enriching business and brand that gets you press exposure, effectively communicates your story, stands out from the crowd and connects with your ideal customer. Allowing you to build a more sustainable and profitable business and to live the full and prosperous life that you deserve.

My Story & Philosophy


The lightbulb moment

The light bulb moment for Rose and Clover came about when I was literally at a crossroads in my life. I was freelancing at the time having worked both in-house and for agencies for a number of years and at this particular time I was working in house for a skincare brand across PR and Brand development, and I realised that I was absolutely miserable. The environment wasn't inspiring (read: difficult) and I didn't feel at all connected to what I was doing any more. That was when I knew I had to make a change (I don't believe in being miserable and not doing anything about it) - now I wasn't entirely sure of what I wanted to do but I knew that I was craving a life that brought me joy (that made me want to jump out of bed), a life of fulfilment and freedom on my own terms.

At the same time I noticed that there was a new spark and wave of female creatives, bloggers, makers, start-ups and founders who were springing up, working in and pursuing their dreams. In conversations with them I realised that although they had the dream, the product or service, many of them were struggling to market themselves, to develop strategic brands that stood out, to make their brands and themselves visible in a crowded market and to ensure that they had a profitable business and life they loved.

My passion

One of my key passions in life has always been to inspire, encourage and empower others (particularly women), maybe it's because I come from a family of five girls but I have always been inspired by women and I love the heart, strength, emotional connection and empowering spirit that we as women have.


So whats Rose and why Clover?

And thus Rose and Clover was born. It was born out of the belief that WE all deserve MORE. Out of a passion to support women just like you. Dynamic women with a dream to do more, to play it big and to live a life of design and clover (which is a fulfilled and prosperous life on your own terms).

ROSE is inspired by a WHITE ROSE, which is often associated with a feeling of hope, fresh starts and new beginnings. 

CLOVER comes from the term ‘TO LIVE IN CLOVER’ meaning to live a full and prosperous life.

The philosophy

Together these two words are not only my story, but they embody the Rose and Clover philosophy.

To bring hope and a fresh start to your personal brand or business, helping you gain the confidence to develop a more meaningful and profitable business.

It is the intersection of my skills, experience and dream to not only live a life of fulfilment but to encourage the same dream in others. Using my extensive and well rounded background  of PR, Branding, Strategy and Visual Creative Direction, my mission is to empower you to build a meaningful authentic brand and to become visible and well known for what you do and offer.

As well as providing you with lifestyle tools, resources and opportunities to connect with other likeminded women - because a truly fulfilling life in clover isn’t just about business success, but it is also about community and success in mind, body, soul and life.

My Values